For the last two years we have run an apple scrumping and juicing project in Ide.

We picked apples that would otherwise have gone to waste from local people’s gardens and allotments in Ide and Exeter, as well as local farms and orchards, including West Town Farm and Ide Community Orchard. All the apples were picked by volunteers and we had over 30 adults and children involved in helping out each year.

The apples were turned into delicious juice by Devon Orchard Ltd at Little Bowhay Farm in Shillingford, and the bottles were sold to cover juicing costs and generate income to fund our community activities. We also donated some of the juice to food banks and to our volunteers. Some of the apples and the juice we used for our lunch club and cookery demos. In 2020 we produced 740 bottles / 555 litres of juice, so rescued approximately 1 tonne of apples. In 2021 we made 365 bottles of juice, as it was a very bad year for apples, due to frosts in Spring.

We have decided not to the run the juicing project this year, as we’re very busy with our all other initiatives, but are keen to support others to run their own scrumping and juicing activities, so if you need any help setting up your own project please get in touch.